Faces.  Tunnel. Wisdom Trio, abstract art paintings by Rana Muller, Oil on canvas. Kuns Tentoonstelling, Suid Afrikaanse kunstenaar Rana Muller, tans van Hastings, UK.

Landsc, original oil paint40 x 30 cm eachings, stract, bRana Muller. Boundaries trio


Wisdom Trio

1, 2 & 3 - For sale as a unit  at 180

Description::  Wise eyes, seeing the depth of  the tunnel.


 Boundaries imposed by the inner self - can be overcome by ourselves only.



' I paint thoughts, feelings and emotions.'

'Grense', Olieverf skildery (abstrakte landskap) deur Rana Muller



Copyright 2003 Rana  Muller  All rights reserved

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