Title:  "Seriti"


Oil on canvas

Artist:  Rana

Size:  40 x 30 cm



Rana Muller Art Studio & Gallery


United Kingdom


Description:   Seriti = ... breath, spirit, and ‘presence’ or ‘shadow’ (Sotho) of the African spirit.  Moya = African soul.  Ancestral spirit,  Seriti: omnipresent, all-knowing, keeping a watchful eye on the ancestors.  Inspired by a visit to the Moyo Restaurant/Theatre, on the wine route of the Western Cape, South Africa. (Seriti also refers to a Chinese Mountain Range from the Kunlun Region - very appropriate, as the spirits reside high, and all over the world... )




Copyright © 2004 Rana  Muller  All rights reserved


 Stofberg  Rana  Stofberg Bellville Suid-Arika Kuns Olieverf Oorspronklik