Title:  'Phakamani iAfrika'


Oil on canvas

Artist:  Rana

Size:  40 x 50 cm



Rana Muller Art Studio & Gallery


United Kingdom


Phakamani`Afrika = Stand up you for Africa. This painting is an ode to the richly coloured and textured fabric of the life of Africa and it`s been inspired by a recent visit to South Africa - by the sights smells sounds and the vibrancy of life that I`ve rediscovered whilst there.

Size: 50cm x 40cm
Price: 180
The artist:  'This painting represents Africa to me:  Colourful. Simple. Perfect, even with it's imperfections - as depicted in earthen colours contrasting with bright colours, and uneven lines and endings.  It is also  childlike, if you wish, in some ways, thence the simplicity of pattern around the borders of the painting.  At the same time there are very complex yet regulated  areas in the societies of all of Africa, areas that overlap - culturally, socially, politically, economically, historically - depicted graphically in the painting.  There are stark contrasts throughout, in wealth, wisdom and being world wise.  There are also strong ancestral beliefs  - all factors that  influence and  add texture to the earthen coloured richness of the African life.  Beliefs in the powers of the ancestors are vibrantly present throughout Africa, and those have been interwoven in the painting - ancestral eyes watching, symbolic icons of either good or bad luck - again, merging subtly,  as subtle as to be nearly  non-existent to the eye of the mere passer by. There is also the historical philosophical acceptance of:  what can't be changed, must be accepted / tolerated - illustrated by the use of texture in the painting.  Overall, there is also, in this painting, the joy of life, of being alive, of surviving, of appreciating nature and of being part of the drum- and heart beat of Africa.'

('I could go on and on and on - each line, colour, texture, hue or nuance says something specific to me - be it a memory, a feeling, a thought, dream, wish or just simply an observation or conclusion I've come to, over the years.  The overriding emotion in me, while I was painting it, was the joy of knowing that I share that vibrancy, that the African drums are still throbbing in my every heartbeat, and  that the continent has given back to me, on this visit, something which I'd thought I'd lost forever.)




Copyright 2006 Rana  Muller  All rights reserved


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