Landscape of Loneliness. Oil Painting by Rana Muller, dedicated to Camilla Stapleton-Hibbert, suicide victim, Steve Pyke, Photographer, Hastings. Artist Rana Muller. Original art, oil on canvas:  Introspection Camilla.

Description: Inspired by mixed emotions of loneliness, thoughtfulness, gaining a sense of calm amidst everyday problems and restrictions. Rising above it all.  Dedicated to Camilla Stapleton-Hibbert  - deceased Nov. 2003, aged 21.      

' don't you know there's a  door behind you, 

 don't you know that you've got the key' 
                                                              Madeline Milla

(Track:   'How are you?', from the album 'till the sun comes up')

Camilla Stapleton-Hibbert

Falmouth, Hastings

Title:  "Introspection Camilla"

Oil on canvas

Artist:  Rana

Size:  32 x 48 inches

Catologue Number  7


Rana Muller Art Studio & Gallery


United Kingdom



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