Hastings, Falmouth, Photoraphy

Deceased November 2003,  aged 21g




"Camilla Stapleton-Hibbert has been tipped as one of the greatest photographers of her generation, and has had many photographs exhibited and published. She is enrolled in the world-renowned photography course in Falmouth, and is an apprentice to the photographer Steve Pyke." (Early 2003)

Deeply mourned 

by family

 and friends, and every-one

 who ever crossed her short

 path in life.

  Hugs for mum Patricia and sister Laura.


Suicide Helpline

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An Angel You Know

Every day, without a second thought, You wish someone goodbye;  Then, out of the blue, there comes a time  When you call out and there’s no reply.

The person you know has disappeared  And their warmth has turned to ice.  Cold shadows confirm an unspoken fear:  The life that seemed free  had a price.

But when you lose somebody you love   You gain an angel you know.’

(Copyrighted lines)

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EULOGY delivered by Steve Pyke  -  These are words that have been given to me by her friends and family

The way Camilla was  

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"Introspection Camilla'

Oil painting  (32X48 inches) by Rana Muller, dedicated to Camilla.


Sky Interlude  - for Camilla.  Painting by Liz Finch

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