"Abstract Art, a variation of the personal, subjective, and objective - paintings are enquiring, questioning, discovering.   Individual style paintings, stark contrasts combined with gently merging colours. Bold statements." - Linda Paul, Art Critique
Born as Rana Stofberg  on a wine farm  in Worcester, South Africa (the Boland region), and a graduate of the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, Rana Muller has been living in Hastings, East Sussex, where she has been teaching and painting for the past eight years.  Art has always been a passion of hers, and she currently lives in South Yorkshire, where she teaches and runs a small private gallery/studio. 

About the art:

íMy artworks are abstract and semi-abstract, and a channel other than verbal through which I can express how I feel.  I feel strongly about many issues - social, political, cultural, educational, and I also have many personal issues.  Although my artwork does not always address these issues directly, I am mostly driven to painting the feelings or emotions aroused by them, as they are boiling inside me, and need to be expressed. Nature is an important inspiration, as is my family - and, at the end of the day, the people who buy my art and commission paintings also inspire me to keep on painting and expressing through this visual medium.

I love painting on large canvasses, using bright and bold colours, either starkly contrasted, or one colour flowing from another. My paintings start with a vision, feeling, idea or emotion, and a vague shape in mind, and develop from there. I can never predict exactly what the end result will be or look like until the very last moment, when I realise that the painting has reached completion. "

Personal Gallery Viewing strictly by prior appointment only
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